Our Refillery Products

SAVE 25% when you choose to REFILL rather than REPURCHASE!

Our ingredients come mainly from natural sources and are good for your health and the environment. Our products are safe for the air, and safe for everything and everyone they come in contact with in the home, including babies and pets.

made in canada



Safe Ingredients


Not Tested on Animals


Baby & Sensitive Skin


Septic System Safe


Bulk Refill

Personal Care

Good for the whole family, our products are made from the best ingredients that leaves your hair feeling soft, moisturized, clean and smelling wonderful! Lock the door and take a well-deserved break.

Shampoo-Tangerine Refills $2.11/100g
Conditioner-Tangerine Refills $2.40/100g
Hand & Body Soap Refills $1.15/100g
Body Lotion Refills $
Hand Sanitizer Refills $1.30/100g

Household Cleaners

We all want to use healthy and effective products. Pure’s household cleaners are wonderful from home to cottage. All our products are made of a concentrated formula. So you do more with less!

Multisurface $0.70/100g
Kitchen & Bathroom $0.84/100g
Multipurpose $0.81 / 100g
Surface Disinfectant $0.75/100g
Bowl Cleaner- $0.70/100g
Dish Soap $0.67/100g
Soluble Dish Tabs $22.98/60 tabs


Family friendly ecological laundry products are effective and make everyone in the house happy and smelling wonderful. 

Stain Remover $0.84/100g
Laundry Detergent $0.66/100g
Fabric Softener $0.44/100g
Unscented Laundry Detergent $0.66/100g