Our Story

Refill Not Landfill is the newest addition to Simply Pure Water, a family run business located at 123 Wellington St. in St. Thomas. Refill Not Landfill offers a growing selection of refillable Canadian-sourced, plant-based, eco-friendly household cleaners, laundry, and personal care products which are both good for us and our environment. 


Pure has always distinguished themselves by the impeccable performance of their products. They are versatile and ultra concentrated for high efficiency. This means you only need a small amount, which lets you do more with less and allows us to minimize the use of plastic packaging and product transportation.


Pure is transparent, like their containers. They include the full list of all ingredients on each of the labels because they are proud of the effectiveness of the products and the ingredients that are used.


Pure's ingredients come mainly from natural sources and are good for your health and the environment. The products are safe for the air, and safe for everything and everyone they come in contact with in the home, including babies and pets. Vegan, non tested on animals and made in Canada.


We believe by working together and reducing the amount of single-use plastics  we use on daily basis, we can make a difference in the amount we pollute our beautiful planet.


We love it when you bring your own containers in! Reusing your everyday items such as shampoo bottles or mason jars to fill up is what we are all about!


By refilling your containers or jars over and over again, we are able to stop the effect that single-use plastic has on our community and environment. 

Join Us And Say Goodbye To Single-Use Plastics And Choose Refill Not Landfill

Our Impact

Since it’s inception, Simply Pure Water has diverted nearly 4 million bottles from the landfill.